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Here’s Where You Can Get a Holiday Tree Near Your Vale Apartment

Forget picking up a plastic tree from the department store – you can get in the holiday spirit with the whole family and create a new, festive tradition by chopping down your own holiday tree. And best of all, even though we live in bustling Washington, D.C. we don’t have to go too far to get to a rustic holiday tree farm. 

Head to one of these farms this month, where you can select the perfect tree for your Vale living room while bundled up with hot chocolate and festive tunes. Many of these farms also offer holiday wreaths and other décor so you can literally spruce up your whole apartment!

Holiday Memories Farm, located at 4848 Muddy Creek Road, West River, MD which is 50 minutes from your Vale apartment, is a family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm that has trees of every size and every variety, as well as both pre-cut and cut-your-own trees.

You can completely get in the Christmas spirit at Holiday Memories Farm thanks to the festive music playing near the bonfire, where you can listen alongside sipping from a mug of hot chocolate. While here, don’t forget to also visit Santa Claus for a photo and also check out the farm’s selection of handmade ornaments and other holiday décor.  

Naughty Pine Nursery, located at 18200 Elmer School Rd, Dickerson, MD which is 50 minutes from your Vale apartment, has been providing quality Christmas trees, firewood and landscapes plants since 1992. They grow a large selection of Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce.

All of their trees are locally grown and range from a seven- to eight-foot-tall Fraser fir to a colossal, 16-foot-tall Norway Spruce. They strive to create an environment for family and friends to spend quality time with one another while making memories, breathing in fresh air and discovering the joys of participating in a classic holiday tradition! 

Holiday Memories Farm

4848 Muddy Creek Rd, West River, MD 20778

(410) 562-9733

Naughty Pine Nursery

18200 Elmer School Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842

(301) 842-7075