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Block party-meets-performance, ‘Red Bike’ comes to The Parks

Independent DC-based production company, Pan Underground, presented playwright Caridad Svich’s acclaimed stage play, Red Bike at The Parks on Saturday, November 6. Reimagined as an immersive community celebration, the event featured music, food and local vendors, culminating with the centerpiece performance. The block party began at 2 pm, followed by the Red Bike performance at 3 pm and a continued celebration until 5 pm. It was a resounding success!

Red Bike is the story of an unnamed child living in a small town on the boundary between suburban and rural America. After receiving a red bicycle from their parents, who both work multiple jobs, the child fantasizes about someday competing in the Tour de France, while gaining the freedom to roam. Doing so allows the child to witness the town’s transformation: Where once was a cornfield, now sits a giant warehouse where the child’s father works; an old man remembers how things used to be, and a developer who owns half the town is responsible for the new glass and steel condominium complex.

Pan Underground partnered with local community organization Gearin’ Up Bicycles, which trains both youth and adults in bicycle repair, refurbishes abandoned bikes, and promotes group riding events to put on the upcoming productions. Credited with contributing to a resurgence in local theater, the show made a lasting impression at The Parks earlier this month. We were thrilled to see so many of you join us in the fun!